World Viewpoint

Animation is available to everyone.

Telescope Studio located in Voronezh, Russia is a place for children and adults to learn how to make cartoons.

For more than a year we are carrying out an international project ‘World Viewpoint’. Its main goal is a cultural exchange. Through our master-classes we try to uncover how children and adults of different countries see the world. We have already visited Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Thailand. In every country we visited some remote areas, giving lessons. Creating a cartoon together, working in a team leads to understanding each other deeper. Animation is really breaking the language and cultural barrier.

Our lessons teach all the tricky animation processes, from scenario development till editing. Students are writing scripts, modeling characters and backgrounds using various techniques, recording sounds and voices. Animation is complicated, but finally it helps express emotions, sharpens logical, spatial and conceptual thinking, children and adults are getting more thoughtful and attentive.
To movements, to facial expressions, to everything that happens around.
To themselves. The whole world is an animation manual.


Telescope Studio cartoons and master-class excerpts.


Certificates and diplomas